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Tips to Help you Renovate Your Stairs the Easiest Way Possible Many homeowners want to have a change of plans to their home by changing the staircase from plain carpet to a beautiful oak stair that can bring both beauty and elegance to their homes. Doing so will definitely cost you a lot. For you to lower your expenses on this matter, all you need to do is ask for help from an expert on stairs as well as buy the right products to use. If you are worrying on how you are able to change your carpeted stairs into a stairs made of red oak or maple, you don’t have to because there a lot of renovation companies that cater to your needs. It will always depend on your existing tread design since the tread caps will be placed over your existing treads without doing any major modification. Since there are more cases wherein you won’t need to remove the old treads, you are able to save a lot from it.
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Various renovation companies can provide you with very unique designs that won’t affect the thickness of the stairs even if the carpet is removed because they know how to properly conduct the stair renovation process in compliance to their standard procedures. Riser height is considered to the one of the most important safety issues that is why your tread will have a standard measurement of 1″. Your installation process is really easy. First of all, removing the carpet must be done. The nosing of your existing tread must be cut off next. Next thing to do is to have a rise material cover the rough riser. You will then cut to length to install the tread cap. You don’t have to replace the entire staircase on this process. Professional renovation companies is your key to achieve your new staircase by just doing it all by yourself. You can also upgrade the pickets or balusters in the similar manner. A square top baluster that has a turned design is a good replacement option for an outdated square baluster. This can easily be done without thinking of removing or replacing the handrail. In order to successfully install the balusters without having to replace the rail, you must use the bottom holes as well as replace the fillet in the plowed rail. This type of handwork can easily be achieved either by yourself or by having a local renovation company. The stair part supplier is also your partner to know the things that you want to learn and at the same time, will guide you and walk you through the process of installation. Achieving a newly renovated stairs is an accomplishment and you already know the options to do it but being prepared financially and facing the consequences is a very important issue that you must be ready, too.

Home Herb Garden – More and More People Are Enjoying This Wonderful Hobby

More and more people are taking up the hobby of growing a home herb garden. There are many available products that make growing a simple, easy-care garden right at home a cinch even for the very beginner.

Herb kits are a very popular choice because they are easy to get started. These ready-to-grow kits come with pretty much everything you need to start an herb garden. There are many different types, sizes, and prices for herb garden kits. Decide first what type of herbs you want to grow, and choose a kit accordingly.

Greenhouse style domed kits are really nice. These are like small, miniature sized greenhouses that house a few herb plants. The interior of the dome provides a nice and healthy growing environment for your herbs without a lot of work from you.

What do you plan to do with the herbs you grow? You might want fresh herb harvests for culinary use, or you may want to grow herbs for remedies and medicinal purposes. Herbs are also used in a variety of ways for their aromatic properties, such as potpourris, sachets, soaps, and bath teas.

Herbs will require sun and water. If your living space does not have much in the way of sunlight access, you can always opt for grow lights to produce “artificial” sunlight. You need to take into consideration, also, that some herbs are annuals, some are bi-annuals, and some are perennials. Some plants are also more suited for container growing than others.

If you are a very patient person and don’t mind waiting for seeds to sprout, that is typically the cheapest route to take. Most people opt for starting their herbs from seedlings or plants from their local nursery or a mail order source.

If you order your plants online, have your pots and soil handy so you can plant immediately when your herbs arrive. If you order a kit, it may include these items. Be sure to make note of what the kit contains so you will have everything you need to get started.

You do not have to grow your herb garden indoors. If you have an available location outside that receives sufficient sunlight and has proper soil drainage, you can plant your garden outdoors. Herbs and vegetables can be grown together in the same garden. Some herbs actually compliment certain vegetables.

Herbs are also grown commonly among flowers and shrubs. You will need to plan the garden area carefully based on the size and growing habit of each plant. Remember that some herbs are annual and some are perennial, so you must plan for that when grouping certain plants together.

Whether you want your herbs for seasoning foods, scenting your home, or for making remedies, it is very easy to start a home herb garden of your own. It is wonderful to be able to harvest fresh herbs anytime you like.

Happy Gardening!

Have a Home Herb Garden by the End of This Article

It is so easy and so simple to have your own home herb garden that you will have one by the end of this article. But for this to work you have to know you want a home herb garden by the end of this article, so are you sure? Good then the only catch is (oh you just knew there was a catch didn’t you? Don’t worry it won’t cost you a dime and it’s not a big one) you have to follow along with me because to have one by the end of this article we have to do it together. Ready?

Let’s jump in the car and go to the nursery. No stop, don’t go reading forward remember that was our deal you have to do this with me otherwise you will get to the end of the article and have no garden which will make a liar out of me and I don’t want to lie to you or disappoint you but you do have to hold up your end of the bargain.

Okay here we are at the nursery, yes that was fast. You can either plant your herbs in the ground or grow them in pots. Let’s do this in pots. Get yourself 3 pots with drainage holes of course, and let’s get a bag of potting soil. Small pots will do, about 6 inches tall.

Now we will need to get the herbs in the little tiny pots (3 inches high by 2 inches). These are called the seedlings or we can get packets of seeds. Let’s get the packets of seeds. Either way will work but if you plant your own seeds it’s more fun to see the seedlings grow from your own seeds that you planted. And don’t worry if you do what I show you they will all grow just fine. So figure out what 3 herbs you would like and then get the packets.

Bring the stuff home and open the bag of potting soil and pour it into the 3 pots to a couple inches below the top. Pack the dirt down slightly in each pot and then sprinkle water over them. Open up your packets and sprinkle the seeds over the moist dirt, one packet per pot and you can do just a half of each packet and keep the rest for later.

Now put some more potting soil on top of the herbs, about an inch is fine, in fact even a little less then that will do. Now pack that top inch down slightly. You can sprinkle the top if you want but it’s not necessary the seeds are in the moist dirt already and will take root.

Put the 3 pots in a sunny window sill and you now officially have your very own home herb garden and look we haven’t even finished the article yet either. How easy was that? Incredibly easy.

Water every day or 2 and very shortly, just a few days, you will see your seedlings coming up through the soil and that will be a fun moment (to see your little baby seedling first starting to crawl. I told you it would be more fun to start with your own seeds). In 2 weeks they will be standing I mean will be above ground with little tiny leaves and in just one short month after you initially planted your seeds they are well about ground and even ready to picked as needed to spice up your food. Wasn’t that incredibly easy? That’s how easy it is to have your own home herb garden.