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Grow a Home Herb Garden

It’s so easy to grow your own home herb garden that you will know how to do it by the time you get to the bottom of this article. Wow that’s a grand statement I better live up to it because I don’t want to lose my credibility with you. So let’s get started.

First off make a list of what herbs you would like. A good way to do that is check the herbs you already have and use right now in your kitchen. If there’s an herb you use a lot and you are getting low add it to your list. If there is an herb you would like to try add it to your list. However you don’t have to limit yourself to just culinary herbs. You should consider growing some medicinal herbs as they provide health benefits. Maybe you want to grow herbs that give off a nice fragrances, that would be nice for a indoor home herb garden or how about an herb for tea like delicious mint. Let your imagination go because you can grow any herb in a home herb garden.

Now that you have your list you can get them all or you can narrow it down to your top 3 choices. You will know what is best when you finish this article.

Bring your list to the nursery and get your herbs. You can get seeds which come in packets or you can seedlings, which are already growing herbs that come in little tiny pots. Get some bigger pots for your herbs to grow into and get some potting soil and get… wow that’s it that’s all you need, this is starting to look easy.

Fill your pots a couple of inches short of the top with your potting soil. If you got seedlings take them out of their tiny pots, dirt and all and place them in the bigger pots (after you made a small hole for them of course) and pack it slightly and then give it a little water. If you got seeds pack the soil slightly and give it a little water, sprinkle the seeds over the moist soil and then sprinkle about a half of an inch potting soil on top of the seeds and pack that slightly. No need to re-water the seeds are already in contact with moist soil.

Now place your new pots in a windowsill that gets a lot of light. A window that gets the morning sun is best. If the window gets the afternoon sun it may be too hot but many herbs do well with that, you can judge by watching how well they do. If it seems too hot for your herbs there are a few tips.

Of course you can move the herbs to a less hot place or you can put some water in the dish your pot is in, when the water evaporates it provides moisture to your herbs. Many herbs like moisture anyway so this is a good thing to do. Herbs don’t absolutely have to have sunlight; artificial light like a fluorescent light will also make your herbs grow.

That’s all there is to growing your own home herb garden sorry it’s not more complicated then that I told you it would be easy. How many herbs out of your list are you going to start with?