Home Herb Garden – More and More People Are Enjoying This Wonderful Hobby

More and more people are taking up the hobby of growing a home herb garden. There are many available products that make growing a simple, easy-care garden right at home a cinch even for the very beginner.

Herb kits are a very popular choice because they are easy to get started. These ready-to-grow kits come with pretty much everything you need to start an herb garden. There are many different types, sizes, and prices for herb garden kits. Decide first what type of herbs you want to grow, and choose a kit accordingly.

Greenhouse style domed kits are really nice. These are like small, miniature sized greenhouses that house a few herb plants. The interior of the dome provides a nice and healthy growing environment for your herbs without a lot of work from you.

What do you plan to do with the herbs you grow? You might want fresh herb harvests for culinary use, or you may want to grow herbs for remedies and medicinal purposes. Herbs are also used in a variety of ways for their aromatic properties, such as potpourris, sachets, soaps, and bath teas.

Herbs will require sun and water. If your living space does not have much in the way of sunlight access, you can always opt for grow lights to produce “artificial” sunlight. You need to take into consideration, also, that some herbs are annuals, some are bi-annuals, and some are perennials. Some plants are also more suited for container growing than others.

If you are a very patient person and don’t mind waiting for seeds to sprout, that is typically the cheapest route to take. Most people opt for starting their herbs from seedlings or plants from their local nursery or a mail order source.

If you order your plants online, have your pots and soil handy so you can plant immediately when your herbs arrive. If you order a kit, it may include these items. Be sure to make note of what the kit contains so you will have everything you need to get started.

You do not have to grow your herb garden indoors. If you have an available location outside that receives sufficient sunlight and has proper soil drainage, you can plant your garden outdoors. Herbs and vegetables can be grown together in the same garden. Some herbs actually compliment certain vegetables.

Herbs are also grown commonly among flowers and shrubs. You will need to plan the garden area carefully based on the size and growing habit of each plant. Remember that some herbs are annual and some are perennial, so you must plan for that when grouping certain plants together.

Whether you want your herbs for seasoning foods, scenting your home, or for making remedies, it is very easy to start a home herb garden of your own. It is wonderful to be able to harvest fresh herbs anytime you like.

Happy Gardening!